Friday, July 10, 2009

THANKS!! THanks ALOT!!! xD

Thanks alot!!! Ur Wishes Warm my Heart!!!! THANKS!! xD

4 July Saturday : Bubei ToccateFugse + her mum + her gang LOL!!

7 July Tuesday : Sek Chen [Friendster]

8 July Wed :
Bubei Toccate again LOL
[My Aunt] Swee Foong
Jia Wen [MSN]
Pik Ying
Bi Ying
Jin Fem

July Thurs :

12.03am Celine Tan [Mui] [Facebook]
12.33am Eunice Gee [MSN]
1.53 am LaiKuen Loh [Facebook]
5.44am Shir-Ley [SMS]
6.29am Cai Di Tham [Primary + High Sch classmate] [SMS]
6.33am Steve Lam [Facebook]
9.11am Hui Ling [Primary + High Sch classmate] [SMS]
9.19am My Mum LOL!!! [SMS]
10.04amAnthony Chan [Facebook] Pik Ying, Bi Ying, Jin Fem, Suk Man ++ Others Aural I Classmate
11am+ Hui Mei + Others
2.59pm Zedes [SMS] [Actually we meet at morning 10am+, he forgt LOL!]
3.52pm Tomomi [SMS]
4.11pm Tomomi [Friendster]

5.30pm+ :

Stephen, Wen Dee, Johan, Kevin, Andrew, Rachel, Guang Liang, Tian Yi + Wai Kit + Oscar + Chern Yau, Wu Ji, Eddy, Ganesan, Qi Shen, Yi Fen [ is tat she there? lolx] + Others

5.35pm Phyllis Teh [SMS]
7.05pm My Dad LOL! [SMS]
8.22pm Yoke Chan Ng [SMS] [Primary Sch next classmate]
10pm+ Song Lin [Actually she know dy LOL] + Stephen Tan + her gf + Eunice Gee
10.13pm Pei Yi Tan [Primary + High Sch classmate] [SMS]
10.20pm Wei Xiang [Friendster]
11.18pm Wai Bee a.k.a SoMuiz [Mui] [SMS]
11.19pm Meng Qian [Primary + High Sch classmate] [SMS]
11.39pm Wai Kuan [High Sch Tuition-mate]

P/S: Sorry if i forgt to put ur name there or u can ask me to put inside =D

Actually i din mind for "when" wish [too bored infront pc n find something to do to pass time coz of streamyx LAG whole night~~~!!! @@]...

But reli kinda shock n Happy tat u guys wish me.. THANKS ALOT AGAIN!!!

THANKS for RMB my bday..!!
THANKS for the secret recipe cake~~
THANKS for viewing this blog
[ LOL!!! lame-ness ~.~]

Wish u guys ALL THE BEST

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Yes its correct!!! THis is our on-stage preview when we r Korea xD

There r 3 different places to let the choir to perform, seaside, outdoor n indoor,

The schedule wil be know tmr, EXCITED~!!! GOGOGO~!!! xD!!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Korea, Jeju Island

Wakakaa its time to blog again!!! xD!!

YES!!Our Uni choir Left 1 more week we r going to KOREA to join choir festival~~~ xD!!

Hmm We hav to present 5 songs "Weep O My Eyes, Jericho, Os Justi, Getaran Jiwa , Festival Sanctus" . Bt we stil haven’t poslish + memories it @@ gonna crazy abt tat bt we try the best to make our bass section more flexible xD!!

For my personal.. I like the Festival Sanctus + Weep + Jericho much. I wil try to upload or show the video here asap as a demo LOL~

The 6th of the video (Chamber Choir) is the Video of the “Weep O My Eyes” check it out~! =X

Oso… we dun like Osjusti n Getaran jiwa… it is kindaaaaaaaaa hard @@ ( if gt more time then I explain for it to u guys @@ )

Nvmind btw, We depart at 14 of July, 11.00pm at KLIA, so we hav to gather at Uni n leave around 6pm. We hav to reach n report ourselves at there b4 2 hours of our flight..

N oso!! We oso scare abt tat “scary thingy” ( H1N1) =.=!!

I asked my friend wanna to inject anot, they say if wanna inject, it is better do it nw.. becoz the effect of the injection nid 1 week duration to active it, And oso better to take 2 or more injection ( scary + speechless =.=!!)

Ahhh nvmind I stil thinking hw to solve this lolx~

Then, rmb guys, b4 n when we flight, they wil check our body temperature as well, if our body temp is more than 38 C, they wil ask to separate immedialy =.= So if wanna get nice n enjoyable trip, TAKE CARE A LOT~~!!! @@!

Our schedule is 14-19 July at Jeju island, Korea ( the schedule wil be post here in the following day ) the timetable quite full + it gonna be fun!!

There r 3 places to let us present our 5 songs, the photos n info stil at my friends there, I wil try to get it asap n post it up at tmr lOlx~

Let’s take our hands together n CHIONG together!!! GOOOOO~~~!!! =X!!!!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Complain Complain n Complain #2

hahaa yea it is true, i hav to complain again lolx~

today i go to check my mail-box, Block A-10-8,, yea it is correct spelled, there gt a TM net corporation bill. When i went home, i tears it out n hav a look...


our internet service charge total is RM 273.15!!!!

1. Caj bulanan RM 27.00
2. Caj Perkhidmatan Internet RM 244.84
3. Cukai perkhidmatan ( 5 % ) RM 1.30

Total : 273.15 ( round off adjustment )

*P/S : our package is RM 77 per month basic*

so stupid loh, ask my housemate to check whether gt any prob anot, coz last month we did try to fix our line coz our line get BANNED n CUT due to then the service so mahal meh..???

<-- lolx talk until nw is emo =.=~~~~

Nvmind after we hav a quarrel n a talk wiv them first, c hw was the respond lolx~~

And this Thursday afternoon 1.00-2.00, we hav to practice our CHoir song for going to
Jeju International Choir Festival 2009, Korea, we hav 5 songs nid to run through, GAMBATEH BASS SECTION!!!! ( all sec oso bt im in bass lolx)

meet u guys at MIDI ROOM ya, thanks + good night~

Complain Complain n Complain

Ahhhh yesterday night when i notice tat my wallet jz left "RM 2.00" and i dun hav any extra money save in my pocket nw. I try go our to withdraw money at 12.00am+ mid-night BUT!!! It seems the god ply wiv me...

Maybank ATM there, both 3 ATM machines, 2 cash deposit n 2 cheque deposit machines OUT OF SERVICE!!! ( ahhhhh....=.=!!! ) nvmind, i keep calm down my self abt "i juz hav RM 2 to survice in tat day becoz im very hungry tat night <- lolx~

After that i recall baz At the Esso Petrol Station gt the ATM machine, so i go there for check... OMG i walk n wasted my 60+ steps to walk to the Esso ATM machine n it shows OUT OF SERVICE TOO!! zZzzz~~

Okie it is fine to me, then i go to the another ATM machine, it is at 7-eleven shop there. I keep hope the machine is ON-line ... YES!! its ON!! i go there insert my ATM card immedialy, and Withdraw RM xxx.00... Wait for a moment~~~~


"Your request is rejected"

OMGGGGGG this is the bad luck day tat i havent seen b4 zZz

nvmind lur~ then i take the money at the next day monrning ( is today lolx ), luckily there gt 1 ATM machine is working *smoothly*.. god bless me lolx~~~ if nt i dunno i nid to eat hw many roti to tahan my breakfast + lunch @@!!!