Monday, August 31, 2009

Semester 2, Jury 1

Technique ( 25%), Sight reading ( 15%), Performance ( 60%)

Pieces :

1. Prelude and Fugue No. 12 in F Minor,
by J.S Bach

2. Sonata in E-major, Op. 14 No.1, Allegro, 1st movement,
by L. van Beethoven

3. Polichinelle, Morceaux de Fantaisie, Op.3, No.4,
by S. Rachmaninoff (Might be.. o.o)


Scales & arpeggios, Group A ( keys of B, C, Db, D, Eb, E)

Scale :
1. Major, Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor 8ve apart | 4 octaves
2. Major, Harmonic Minor 3rd and 6th apart | 4 octaves
3. Chromatic 8ve apart | 4 octaves
4. Major (staccato only) Double 8ve(s) | 2 octaves
5. Major, Harmonic Minor (hands separately only) Double 3rd(s) | 2 octaves

Arpeggios :
1. Major, Minor ( root position and all inversions ) 8ve apart | 4 octaves
2. Dominant 7th (root position only) 8ve apart | 3 octaves
[V7 of the prescribed keys not V7 stating on the prescribed key-notes]
3. Diminished 7th ( root position only) 8ve apart | 3 octaves
[Diminished 7th starting on the prescribed key-notes]



Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Heheee Coming!!! =X!!

Hahaa u r coming!!

hehee i prepare my schedule during im working n very free tat time,
wan to arrange 1 day is hard too, n i dunno the way to go the place, this is more headache.. T.T!!

nvmind nvmind, at least the important thing i know hw to do, hope ur family wont dislike my plan @@!!

btw, im ready to take u guys tmr at 10am ya!! waiting u all!!!!

WELCOME~!! =X =X!!

Finished Exam~!! xD

Yeah~!! finished all the exam in this semester~~!! xD
bt still worry abt the result.. especially the ABRSM exam + intro music history @@

AB exam.. i stopped n re-play again the 1st pieces, bt the 2nd n 3rd piece is welldone wiv mistake too lolx~ not very good aural but stil okie i think...

Intro music history exam.. omg reli stupid 1, we all study the notes tat is very seldom come out from the final exam..!! the questions were unexpected!! so hard + preparing to get the result at the following days.. gan jiong alot @@!!

anyway.. hope all it get it well @@ and i go to watch seniors' graduation recital, very impressive + skillful + awesome + geng-ness + bla bla bla blabal abla o.o!! omg such pieces can memories, such musical notes can played well, omg everything omg.. @@!! i was.. omg. T.T!!

hahaa nvmind, i go baz to Benta, pahang dy~ my hometown lol~ think abt going baz, i miss my file FINALLY!! =.=!! i feel all the time, i wil miss my file, but i can find it baz last time, but nw is real. tat is 2 places mayb i drop..
1. the indian restoraunt nearby Titiwangsa station..
2. the titiwangsa bus-stop.

haiz im at pahang nw, accept-ing this truth... going to photostat again all the scores + remark again all teacher's note n advice n do again everything lost again lolx~ get angry to blame myself everytime lolx~~ @@

Korea, Jeju Island~!!

- 我会一直撑下去


- 我会一直撑下去



- 四位数变成三位数的号码,


Woohoooo~ so long time no update blog dy~~ seems tat im become Lazy n LAzy n LAZY more than b4 X.X!! ouch lets write some past-day-events tat i miss alot to my daily-laptop-blogger =X =X!!

We get stucked in the korea resort for the reason we r highly suspected kena H1N1 there.. Starting there was some panic from 69 ppl of us, n getting worry frm al of us... 3 of my friends n me too, quarantine to the other house to get multi-medical check for H1N1 coz our roomate is the 1 suspected tat time ( fever ).. after tat, we get chat n do alot of bored things to pass our time there @@! even our meals, bt television programe oso, everything we try to explore our imagine to let us pass the boring time~~ super boring tat time... we oso recorded the video tat the "comments" during we get quarantine xD!! hahaa tat was fun, Kevin, Andrew n Hong Liang make alot of joke in there, make us pass a shortly 30 minutes for the recording~~

Luckily we all get out frm the quarantine house, but the another case is going on n on. Many ppl oso get the symptoms of H1N1 oso, we oso more scare abt tat.. Korea government kindly sponser us the pills for anti-h1n1, let us calm down alot for tat moment n hav a good impression to korea oso =X so we start our activity for all of us at there coz we not reli know everyone of 69 ppl there tat participate.

We ply Mafia cards game there, tennis ball ( there gt tennis court, luxury! lolx~ ) , swimming pool ( unlucky, no water is filled ~.~ poor) Mix bola jaring n so on to pass our time~
Oh ya, i stil rmb the card game "darez anot", the punishment for me is, us my both hands to hold my butt, go to the girl's room n turn around ~.~! tat was reli embarrassed!! T.T!! somemore my friend is recording!!! arghh!!! dunno where the recording nw, stil suffering of it ~.~ nvmind we continue it lolx~ then we know alot of new friend there~~ enjoy at there even we get "quarantine" there for around 7 days there woww~~

When we get baz to malaysia, feel happy + miss korea alot too.. miss korea's air, the condition during afternoon, although the sun is shining upside but it is as cold as afternoon genting oso zZz~ and the food there too xD!!

Take alot of picture from there~ but can view the photos through my facebook ya! lOlx!!

add me n i uploaded 170+ photos dy, enjoy the photos there XD

tat is end for the 1st reason ( excuse ) tat din update blog LOL!! =X