Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Christmas carol APPROVED!!

Yes!! we practice for few weeks of singing to interview for Genting chrismas carol choir, APPROVED!! xD

To whom he/she concern, plz bring 1 passport-size photo to sch tmr to Tian Yi or Xin Chze, they nid to collect it. if cant make it, plz take it tmr or find out a way to get ur passport-photo, Thanks ya xD!

So far we practicea abt... hmm... 9+ songs dy? lolx 21 songs nid to go, GAMBATEH!!

okie is time to study history dy, tmr mid-term exam @@!! update next time, GOGOGO~!!!


Kid, u abuse ur admin power n gt ur attitude prob all the way. if u wan to prove tat u r clean n no hack, show to me, nt block me. no nid to do such action like : send porn website to me, scold b**** or others immoral words to me, ban me for permanent in the server bla bla bla..

u wan to delete those match setting, jz go ahead, i wont make any match in g-force server n oso UR server. u ban my id, i stil can reset my rounter, get a dynamic ip to connect, u ban my name, i stil can use another name.

You walling + g*******, i catched dy, ur emo cant help u solve this.
Enjoy ur life all the way =D.

best regard : iLLuSiON a.k.a imM|ng.

High Sch Frens Gathering~

Yooo~ long time no blog dy, nw come update update abit xD

last friday i baz hometown dy lur~ seems like everything is the same, bt..... my youngest bro, he wanna taller than me dy!!! @@!! so shock when i stand beside him. Last time he was a very fat boy, nw grow til fit + tall, sure alot girl wil chase him de LOL!!

hmm talk abt bad things is, my mum get pain n sick on sunday until nw. Pain til cant stand n sit somemore.. haiz.. i drive n bring her to Lipis's hospital to get inject n some medic. she say tat recover abit dy bt stil worry b4 i come baz to KL.
Stil wondering "tat" wil become truth anot, bt i wil try all the best to forgt it n think all the things i hav to face. feel helpless when she fall down in pain bt cant help.. regret it alot.. tmr i wan cal baz to ask her whether feeling well anot...

okie dun say abt tat dy, lets chat abt happy bit 1 xD

ytd night, i cal out my "Gang" to go yum cha, suddenly Jie En say wan go raub, the place 36km far frm here to there yum cha LOL!! OKIE!! ON! no prob, gt car here, i drive. Kuan LIm n KKO oso follow us to CRAZY at ytd night until 12am xD!! we chat alot of things, abt girls, guys, the things b4, future, funny, happy, n alot of memories.. so best topic is talk abt relationship LOL!!
so much topic to say after tat lolx~

bcoz Kuan Lim wanna baz earlier, then KKO, Jie en n me go to yum 2nd round LOL!! to talk abt tat again xD so nice the memory n keep thinking of topic n funny things to talk, like dun wanna leave lolx~~ finally, KKO say he pay for all for our 2nd round tea time, about RM11+, we thanks for our boss KKO here first, THANKS BOSS lolx~~

hmm i think tat was all today, n 1 more, if can i post it later =D