Saturday, August 07, 2010


Walao yehhhh 3.00am+ wake up to do Orchestration Project 2 until now havent finish, ROAR!!!! @@!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Missing u~~~ always n ever to~ X.X

YEAHH~~ get the 1p4h n 2p4h of the scores dy!! It nearly make me impatient that i want to register the paypal account to buy online of the scores dy.. But finally found the scores, and a useful website from University of Rochester~ xD

Ouch actually today's quiz is too careless for me, 8/13 correct wiv 4 mistake of careless arrrrr... nvmind, hav to see carefully the textbook info that don't get lie by Dr. Jeff dy X.X Ahhh Happy day~ xD done 1st movt of the Mozart, but onli today, since Chyh Shen tel me that is LT song, then i go to check, AGAIN!! LT song ~.~ get lied that is AT... no wonder zZzz~~

Tmr have to practice the CME song dy, found myself that to be free from others, it really take more happies to me and more comfortable~ xD xD Gambateh!! (Aural Assignment havent start yet, LOL!!! X.X)

Lastly, THANKS PARENTS~ can let me go oversea again~~ Taiwan~~really thanks alot to let me go there, (although themselves also going alot places dy sinces last year ~.~!!) but really, will make dear worry alot @@ come, we go to Sabah n SG TOO!! xD!!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

YYESSSS found the piano transcription of the piece 'Scherzo from A Midsummer night's dream'!! Wohooo reli a nice piece!! take alot of times to find it out, but got advantange for me too, get a new website to dwl the classical pieces other than dy X.X!!

Going to SG n Indonesia/Taiwai!! wanna go go go wohooooo X.X

count down AT : 49 days

P/S: the song last time listed, i check dy.. Really... is LT songs.. zZz!! Going to die soon ~.~!!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

OUchhh... until the 2nd day of school already, final exam result still haven't come out completely, somemore its the most nervous one, Music History III @@!!

Dun wanna take it again, No MORE!! T.T please just let me pass it can dy, god blessssssss @@!!

Hmm quite tired on these 2 days of school, all of classes start to teach and it is unexpected comparing to last few semester before. I still remeber when the first sems of foundation, when we all sit down in our Theory Foundation III class, Dr. Lim was coming in and ask us 'Lets start our class by introducing yourself first' <- it quite use alot of time to do this LOL!! xD

Tmr stil hav 8am class, 4 days in a row of 8am classes from Monday - Thursday. Tight with Major practice, CME practice, Choir practice and so on. Heard a news from Mr. Ian that, i really can get in to it!! But, really, i agree with my "Extremely Out-Of-Pitch" problem that he ask me to fix this before i join it. Really happy and excited when i know this, really, i appreciate it alot!!! But, how could i fix it??? Still struggeling and finding the way to make this problem dissapear~~~~

Another thing is, we are going to oversea to attend the choir competition/camp/festival in this July!! xD there options to choose, Bandung : Indonesia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.. Indonesia and Taiwai stil fine for me.. But Hong Kong, the fees is really quite expensive.. Reached Rm5k approximately.. Aiming for Indo and Taiwan stil better X.X

Just finish my major class today, 2 more new songs to go, which are :
Excursion, Op. 20 by Samuel Baber
Novellete, Op.21 No. 8 by Schumann

Quite alot number of pieces need to rush in time and prepare for AT exam @@!!

Count down for AT exam = 23rd June = 50 days..

difficult song = Bartok Suite Op. 14 arghhhh @@!!

It is late now, downloading the new pieces scores to look and hope everything move on success!!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Wohoooo~~ have a nice day really!! xD Today's outing was everything fine except for the long 'Q' of for the cinema @@!! Sorry i promise you to have a nice outing-movie today.. But really you enjoy all the time that I bring you for outing today.. have nice meals, 'shopping', and others.. I can feel that you happy always, thanks!! xD
WHAT!? so shock that you do like this! Now im confusing.. should i tell her this or not... but I know, at the following days, she will know this. When she knows this was happening, she will sad, dissapointed, and.. I Don't Wanna See Her Cry For YOU like that!!

She cry for you everytime she get your call and your SMS, she cry for you when she think back everything was the wondering memories with you, she keep silence at most of the time to listen your opinion but you scold on her...

I really don't know what's the reason you doing that, and, it make everything worse! I know you are caring her and she is your close-friend everytime everywhere, but is this the end of all the memory you have before?!

I don't know is that I am misunderstand you, but, you really hurt her a lot, don't you?!

Childish, really childish, although she say you are mature all the time, but in my mind, you, are still kid for this all!!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Yeahhh outing later!! Tmr too LOL!! Iron man 2 sounds nice to look, n Ip Man 2 oso, bt mayb i can watch them in a row at tmr, the very first time i watch 2 movies 1 day X.X!

New sems is coming, alot songs nid to prepare @@ tis sem hav to ply Everett's new composition! Fugue!! LOL!! c u guys next sems *Prooooooooffff* X.X

Sunday, April 25, 2010

To those IMPATIENT costumer:

To those IMPATIENT costumer:

IF u dun hav patient to wait, PLEASE GO OFF MY PLACE!! Complaint the photostat machine too slow, complain it nid to warm up for copy, complain the brightness of the copy, SO MUCH REASON FOR WHAT!! WTH, somemore say "your machine is spoil dy, take baz my IC to me n u r wasting my time to wait here", PISS OFF!! F*** OFF LA!!

im dy nice ppl to say thank you b4 leaving, XXX nt look at me n NO RESPONSE to me!! U OSO WASTE MY TIME TO TALk TO U!! im not willing n hope to listen wht u complain! There are 5 copy here, its ur full IC details, let me black list for u, BxxCH!!

Luckily i helping my sis to photostat, if u treat her like this, u better watch out wht u doing, SOB!!

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Sunday, March 07, 2010


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結婚那天,媽問我:坐在角落裡像兩個要飯模樣的人是誰? 我看過去的時候,有個老頭正盯著我,旁邊還有個老太太,發現我看著他們時趕忙低下頭。我不認識他們但也不像要飯的,衣服是新的連折印都看得出來。媽說像要 飯的是他們佝僂著身子,老太的身邊倚了根拐杖的緣故。 媽說天池是孤兒,那邊沒親戚來,如果不認識就轟他們走吧。現在要飯的壞著呢,喜歡等在酒店門口,見哪家辦喜事就裝作親戚來吃黑酒。 我說不會,叫來天池問一下吧?天池慌裡慌張把我的手捧花都掉地上了,最後吱吱唔唔地說是他們家堂叔和堂嬸。我瞪了媽媽一眼:差點把親戚趕走。 媽說天池你不是孤兒嗎?哪來的親戚呢? 天池怕媽,低頭說是他家遠房的親戚,好長時間不來往了。但結婚是大事,家裡一個親戚沒來心裡覺著是個憾事,所以....... 我靠著天池的肩埋怨他有親戚來也不早說,應該把他們調一桌,既然是親戚就不能坐在備用桌上。天池攔著說就讓他們坐那吧,坐別桌他們吃著也不自在。 直到開席那桌上也就坐了堂叔和堂嬸。敬謝席酒經過那桌,天池猶豫了一下拉著我從他們身邊擦了過去。回頭看到他們的頭埋的很低,想了想我把天池給拽了回去: 堂叔、堂嬸,我們給你倆敬酒了! 兩人抬起頭有點不相信的盯著我。二老的頭發都是花白的,看上去很老應該有七八十歲的樣子,堂嬸的眼睛很空洞,臉雖對著我但眼神閃忽不定。我拿手不確定的在 她眼前晃了晃,沒反應。原來堂嬸是個瞎子。 堂、堂叔、堂嬸,這是俺媳婦小潔,俺們現在給你們敬酒呢!天池在用鄉音提醒他們。 哦、哦。堂叔歪歪斜斜地站了起來,左手扶著堂嬸的肩右手顫微微地端起酒杯,手指背上都是黃黃的繭,厚厚的指夾逢裡留著黑黑的泥。面朝黃土背朝天的日子讓他 們過早地累彎了腰。我驚訝地發現,堂叔的右腿是空的。 堂嬸是瞎子,堂叔是瘸子,怎樣的一對夫妻啊? 別站了,你們坐下吧。我走過去扶住他們。堂叔又搖晃著坐下了,無緣由的堂嬸眼裡忽然就叭嗒叭嗒直掉淚,看到堂叔無言地拍著她的背。 本想勸他們兩句,但天池拉著我離開了。 我跟天池說,等他們回家的時候給他們一點錢吧,太可憐了。兩人都是殘疾,這日子根本想不通怎麼過。 天池點點頭沒說話,緊緊擁著我。 第一年的除夕,天池說胃疼沒吃下晚飯回房睡覺去了。我讓媽媽熬點大米粥也跟著進了房。天池躺在床上,眼裡還憋著淚。 我說天池不帶這樣的,第一年的除夕就不跟我們一塊吃晚飯,還跑房裡這樣。好像我們家虧待你似的,一過節你就胃疼,哪有這樣的事情?其實我知道你不是胃疼, 說吧什麼事?天池悶了半天說對不起,他只是想起堂叔和堂嬸還有他死去的爹娘。他怕在桌上忍不住,惹爸媽不高興才推說胃疼。 我摟著他說:真是個傻孩子,想他們我們過完年看他們去就成了,再說我也想知道他倆是怎麼過日子的。 天池說算了,那條山路特別難走。你會累著的,等以後路通了我們生了小孩再帶你去那看他們吧。 我心裡想說:等我們生小孩的時候他們還不一定在呢!但沒敢講出來,嘴上說給他們再寄些錢物吧! 第二年的中秋期間我正巧在外出差,中秋節那天又回不了家。我特別想天池和爸媽,我就跟天池煲電話粥。 我問天池想我想得睡不著怎麼辦?天池說就上網或者看電視,再不行就睡那睜著眼睛狠狠得想。 那晚,我們直到把手機聊得發燙沒電為止。 躺在賓館的床上,看著窗外圓圓的月亮,我怎麼也睡不著。睜著眼睛流著淚想天池、想爸爸、想媽媽。想到天池估計也沒睡著,說不定正在網上神游。 翻身我也打開電腦,重新申請了一QQ號名叫"讀你"想捉弄一下天池。查了一下,天池果然在,我主動加了他,他接受了。 我問他:這樣一個萬家團圓的好日子,你為什麼還在網上閑逛呢? 他說:因為我老婆在外出差,想她睡不著覺所以就上網看看。 我挺滿意這句話,接著又打出:老婆不在家,可以找個情人代替,比如說網上,聊以自慰一下。 半天他才敲出一行:如果你想找情人的話,對不起,我不是你找的人,再見。 對不起,我不是那個意思,你別生氣。叭叭叭,我趕緊發過去。 過了一會他問我:你怎麼也在網上閑逛呢? 我說:我在外打工,現在想爸爸和媽媽。剛剛和男朋友通完電話還是睡不著,就上網了。 我也想我爹和娘,只是,親在外,子欲養而不能。 親在外,子欲養而不能。怎麼講?我把這句話又重復敲了過去。我有點莫明其妙,天池怎麼說這樣的話? 你叫"讀你",我今天就讓你讀一次吧。有些事情放在心裡很久會得病,拿出來曬曬會舒服些,反正你我也不認識,你就當作聽一個故事吧! 於是,我意外地知道了天池一直隱藏在內心的事情。 30年前,我爹快五十了還沒娶親,因為他腿瘸加上家裡又窮沒有姑娘願意嫁他。 後來,莊上來了個要飯的老頭還攙著個瞎眼的女人。老頭病得很重,爹看他們可憐就讓他們在自家歇息。沒想到一住下那老頭就沒起來過,後來老頭的女兒就是那瞎 眼的女人嫁給了我爹。 第二年生下了我。 我家的日子過得很清苦,可我從來沒餓過一頓。爹和娘種不了田,沒有收入就幫別人家剝玉米粒,一天剝下來十指全是血泡,第二天纏上布條再剝。 為了我上學,家裡養了三只雞,兩只雞生蛋賣錢,留下一只生蛋我吃。娘說她在城裡要飯時聽說城裡的娃上學都吃雞蛋,咱家娃也吃,將來比城裡的娃更聰明。 但他們從來都不吃,有回我看見娘把蛋打進鍋裡後用嘴舔著蛋殼裡剩下的蛋清,我摟著娘嚎啕大哭。說什麼也不肯吃雞蛋了,爹知道原委後氣得要用棍子打娘。最後 我妥協,前提就是我們三人一塊吃。雖然他們同意了,但每次也就像征性的用牙齒碰一下。 莊上的人從來不叫我名字,都叫我是瘸瞎子家的。爹娘一聽到有人這樣叫我必定會跟那人拼命。娘看不見就會拿了磚塊亂砸,嘴上還罵著:你們這些殺千刀的,我們 瘸瞎,我娃好好的,就不許你們這樣叫喚。將來你們一個都不如我娃。 那年中考,瘸瞎子家的考了全縣第一的喜訊讓爹娘著實風光了一把。鎮上替我們家出了所有的學雜費,送我上學的那天爹第一次出了山。 上車的那會,我眼淚撲剌剌的直掉,爹一手拄著拐一手替我擦淚:進了城要好好學,以後就在城裡找工作娶媳婦。別人問起你爹娘你就說你是孤兒,沒爹娘,不然別 人會看不起你。特別是娶不上媳婦,人家會嫌棄你。誤了你娶媳婦,我都無臉去見老祖。 爹!我讓爹別再說了,這是什麼話,還沒有用呢咋就不認爹娘呢?娘也說這是真話,要聽。你不記得在學校裡嗎?只要說你是瘸瞎子家的,別人就會拿白眼擠兌你。 剛開始連老師都不喜歡你。以後,你帶了城裡媳婦回家就說俺們是你的堂叔和堂嬸。 娘說完就在那抹淚。爹說,不要把媳婦帶回家,一帶回來你娘忍不住就會露餡的。然後往我懷裡揣了十個熟雞蛋就拖著娘走了。 我的眼淚也撲剌剌地往下掉,殘疾不是他們的錯,那是老天對他們的不公。但他們卻生了一個完美的天池給我。這個傻天池,這樣的爹娘,無法再完美了。我很生 氣,他怎麼就這麼小看我呢? 那後來,你就告訴你媳婦他們是你堂叔和堂嬸?我敲過去這句話。 本來我不信。媳婦找的是我又不是爹娘,為啥爹娘都不能認呢?不過我在外十年,爹娘一次都沒去過我的學校。 第一年工作,我想帶他們進城玩玩,他們都不肯,說讓人曉得我爹娘是殘疾人會在我臉上抹黑,影響我娶媳婦。一輩子都在山裡了不想出去了。娘還說她就是從城裡 來的,也沒啥意思。 後來,我談了第一個女朋友,當我認為時機差不多的時候,就帶她回了趟家。誰知到家後,她晚飯都沒留下吃一頓就走了,我追出去她說,和這樣的人過日子她一天 都過不下去。 還說我們家基因有問題,以後的小孩肯定也不會健康。我氣得讓她有多遠滾多遠。回到家,娘在那哭,爹也罵我。說我不聽他們的話,非要斷了咱家的香火不可。 後來,我遇上了第二個女朋友,就是現在我的老婆。我很愛她,做夢都怕失去她,她們家又很有錢,親戚都是些上等人家,有了前車之鑒我很害怕只能不孝了。但是 一到逢年過節我就想他們,心裡堵得慌,難受。 那你從來就沒有告訴過你老婆?也許她不計較這些呢? 我沒說過,也不敢說。如果她同意了我想我岳母也不會同意的。我和她們住在一起,岳父在外是有臉面的人。如果爹娘來了不是在他們臉上抹黑嗎?我也只能在出差 學習的時候偷偷回去看上兩眼。謝謝你聽我說了這麼多,現在我的心裡舒服多了。 下了網,我依舊沒有覺意。都說兒不嫌母醜,狗不嫌家貧,看看我們都做了什麼?我理解天池的無奈,也了解他爹娘的苦衷。但他們不知道卻將無辜的我陷入了無情 無義的逆境之中。 天將放亮時,我敲開了部門經理的門,告訴他下面的事情請他全權處理,我有點非常重要的事情盡快要辦,一切就拜托他了。然後簡單收拾一下行李我就直奔火車 站。還好,趕得上頭班列車。 那條山路確實很難走。剛開始腿上還有點勁,後來腳上磨起了泡我就再也走不動了。正是中午時分,太陽又曬得厲害,我只有喘氣的份。 背來的水差不多快喝完了,我也不知道下面還有多少路程要走。脫下鞋子擠了水泡,那一會疼得我都哭出聲來,真想打個電話讓天池來接我回家,最後還是忍住了。 從路邊揪一把蘆葦花墊在腳底,感覺腳上舒服多了。想到天池的爹娘此時還在家勞作著,腿上忽的一下就來了勁,站起來繼續往前走。 當老村長把我領到天池家門口的時候,那一片燒得紅紅的晚霞正照在他們家門口的老棗樹上。棗樹下坐著堂叔,哦不、是天池的爹,爹比結婚時看到的老多了,手上 剝著玉米,拐杖安靜地倚在他那條殘缺的腿上。娘跪在地上准備收曬好的玉米,手正一把一把地往裡擼。 這,宛如一幅畫,而畫中便是這世上最完美的爹娘。 我一步一步地往他們跟前走著,爹看到了我,手中的玉米掉在了地上,嘴巴張得老大,吃驚地問:你、你咋過來了? 娘在一旁摸索著問:他爹,誰來啦? 天、天池家的。 啊!在、在哪?娘驚慌失措地找著我的方向。 我彎腰放下行李,然後一把抓著她的手,對著他們,帶著深深地痛、重重地跪了下去:爹!娘!我來接你們回家了! 爹干咳了兩下,淚無聲地從爬滿皺紋的臉上流出。 俺就說,俺的娃沒白養阿!娘把雙手在自個身上來回的搓,然後一把抱住我,一行行的淚水從她空洞的眼裡熱熱地流進我的脖子裡。 我帶爹娘走的時候村裡是放了鞭炮的。我又為爹娘風光了一次。 當天池打開門,看到一左一右站在我身邊的爹和娘時吃驚不小,怔怔地愣在那,一語未發。 我說:天池,我是讀你的人。我把咱爹娘接回來了。這麼完美的爹娘,你怎麼舍得把他們丟在山裡? 謝謝! 天池泣不成聲,緊緊的抱住我,像他娘一樣把一行淚流進我的脖子裡。

Taken from :