Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Missing u~~~ always n ever to~ X.X

YEAHH~~ get the 1p4h n 2p4h of the scores dy!! It nearly make me impatient that i want to register the paypal account to buy online of the scores dy.. But finally found the scores, and a useful website from University of Rochester~ xD

Ouch actually today's quiz is too careless for me, 8/13 correct wiv 4 mistake of careless arrrrr... nvmind, hav to see carefully the textbook info that don't get lie by Dr. Jeff dy X.X Ahhh Happy day~ xD done 1st movt of the Mozart, but onli today, since Chyh Shen tel me that is LT song, then i go to check, AGAIN!! LT song ~.~ get lied that is AT... no wonder zZzz~~

Tmr have to practice the CME song dy, found myself that to be free from others, it really take more happies to me and more comfortable~ xD xD Gambateh!! (Aural Assignment havent start yet, LOL!!! X.X)

Lastly, THANKS PARENTS~ can let me go oversea again~~ Taiwan~~really thanks alot to let me go there, (although themselves also going alot places dy sinces last year ~.~!!) but really, will make dear worry alot @@ come, we go to Sabah n SG TOO!! xD!!

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