Wednesday, May 05, 2010

OUchhh... until the 2nd day of school already, final exam result still haven't come out completely, somemore its the most nervous one, Music History III @@!!

Dun wanna take it again, No MORE!! T.T please just let me pass it can dy, god blessssssss @@!!

Hmm quite tired on these 2 days of school, all of classes start to teach and it is unexpected comparing to last few semester before. I still remeber when the first sems of foundation, when we all sit down in our Theory Foundation III class, Dr. Lim was coming in and ask us 'Lets start our class by introducing yourself first' <- it quite use alot of time to do this LOL!! xD

Tmr stil hav 8am class, 4 days in a row of 8am classes from Monday - Thursday. Tight with Major practice, CME practice, Choir practice and so on. Heard a news from Mr. Ian that, i really can get in to it!! But, really, i agree with my "Extremely Out-Of-Pitch" problem that he ask me to fix this before i join it. Really happy and excited when i know this, really, i appreciate it alot!!! But, how could i fix it??? Still struggeling and finding the way to make this problem dissapear~~~~

Another thing is, we are going to oversea to attend the choir competition/camp/festival in this July!! xD there options to choose, Bandung : Indonesia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.. Indonesia and Taiwai stil fine for me.. But Hong Kong, the fees is really quite expensive.. Reached Rm5k approximately.. Aiming for Indo and Taiwan stil better X.X

Just finish my major class today, 2 more new songs to go, which are :
Excursion, Op. 20 by Samuel Baber
Novellete, Op.21 No. 8 by Schumann

Quite alot number of pieces need to rush in time and prepare for AT exam @@!!

Count down for AT exam = 23rd June = 50 days..

difficult song = Bartok Suite Op. 14 arghhhh @@!!

It is late now, downloading the new pieces scores to look and hope everything move on success!!

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