Sunday, May 02, 2010

WHAT!? so shock that you do like this! Now im confusing.. should i tell her this or not... but I know, at the following days, she will know this. When she knows this was happening, she will sad, dissapointed, and.. I Don't Wanna See Her Cry For YOU like that!!

She cry for you everytime she get your call and your SMS, she cry for you when she think back everything was the wondering memories with you, she keep silence at most of the time to listen your opinion but you scold on her...

I really don't know what's the reason you doing that, and, it make everything worse! I know you are caring her and she is your close-friend everytime everywhere, but is this the end of all the memory you have before?!

I don't know is that I am misunderstand you, but, you really hurt her a lot, don't you?!

Childish, really childish, although she say you are mature all the time, but in my mind, you, are still kid for this all!!

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